Automating your accounts payable process

Do you want to automate this process so you can be more efficient and reduce your overall A/P costs? Are you seeking to process all this crucial information regardless of the format that you receive them (paper, email, fax, etc.)? Look no further; ImageNexx has the solution for you.


- Manual Invoice Processing that is ineffective and too dependent on paper;

- Processing Cost per invoice too high;

- Very labour intensive process;

- Data entry errors and incorrect payments;

- Heavy and demanding exception handling and management of suppliers;

- Delays in payment deadlines and invoice processing;

- Difficulties in overall access and filing of original invoices, not counting losses/misfiles;



- Maintain control over your accounts payable management process;

- Lighten your administrative burden;

- Get access to state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated scanning capabilities using
   optical or intelligent recognition;

- Dramatically lower your processing costs per invoice by 40%;

- Ingestion of financial data into any accounting system, SAP, Oracle, etc .;

- Integrate functional intelligence bills through image capture and data.

                               Authorized Canadian Reseller

                               Authorized Canadian Reseller

When you entrust your accounts payable process using new technologies to ImageNexx, you benefit from the following results:

- Significant reduction of processing costs per invoice; ➢ Efficiency and overall improvement of process;

- Access to innovative approaches;

- Reliability through intelligent capture technology;

- Expertise;

- Access to the best industry practices;

- Typical return on Investment: 30-50% in less than six months.

Count on us to promote a comprehensive approach to reduce your processing costs and allow you full ownership to focus your efforts on your business management. Contact us today to discover how you can benefit from instant savings and maximize the return on your investment.