Document scanning services 

Even today, in your daily work, do you still consider yourself too dependent on paper? Are your documents hard to find? Is your filing complicated and do you lose or misfile originals? Are your management and storage costs too expensive? Is accessibility to your documents fast and efficient and do you believe that there is room for improvement to maintain this critical information permanently?

If you answered yes to one or more of those important questions, ImageNexx can help you. Our 20 years of experience in the multitude of large document conversion projects allow us to support any need for the scanning and electronic conversion of documents Our hands on approach allows us to offer you turn-key solutions custom built to every customer’s specific requirements.

We can scan all types of documents, either administrative (invoices, delivery / work orders, insurance records, banking, personnel files etc.), legal (contracts, leases, minute books, etc.), medical files (daily sheets and historical records) and any plans/architectural/engineering drawings.


- Expert consultant services in scanning, processes and document management;

- Packaging, preparation and classification of documents on site by our team;

- Transport for daily, weekly or according to the customer's specific needs;

- Creation of basic corresponding databases for manifests;

- Scanning and electronic conversion – directly at your office or ours;

- Processing of documents using state-of-the-art optical character recognition technologies;

- Automated indexing of documents via barcode technology;

- Ingestion of images and in Customer data/image hosting system;

- Exporting images in different formats TIFF, PDF, color, black & white, gray tone, and files /           corresponding metadata;

- Conversion of old files;

- Storage and confidential destruction of documents (if required) 

Microfilm scanning services

Like many companies and organizations during the 70s and 80s, many of them have used microfilm technologies in order to protect original documents, allow long term conservation and, to a certain extent, have a faster access to these original. This technology was, during this period, THE miracle solution but with the advent of new technologies, unfortunately, microfilm is now considered obsolete. It is still being used today for specific types of documents but more importantly, all the information it contains is as important today as it was in the past.

ImageNexx puts at your disposal all the sophisticated equipment to allow you to convert / scan the information contained on any type of microfilm and transform this valuable information into electronic images. Furthermore, we can proceed with the microfilming of certain types of documents, to the development of roll films of various formats as well as proceed with converting digital images onto microfilm.

Although the technology is obsolete, the valuable information it contains is as important today as it was in the past. 



- Strategic consulting service for microfilm conversion projects;

- Microfilm Scanning Service on 16 MM, 35 MM or 105 MM;

- Conversion of all formats: jacquets, microfiche, COM, aperture cards, rolls;

- Development of films 16 and 35 MM;

- Equipment Supplies for micrographic (scanner / printer, microfilm scanner, various cartridges,          etc.);