Image hosting services

Are you ready for the next generation which wants, at their fingertips, the right information, in the right format, at the right place and, above all, now! This is exactly where we are heading and we must prepare now to deal with those requirements.

Our image hosting services allow ImageNexx to provide you with a fully customized web platform for an immediate access to your documents and for all your users. You give us your key search/indexing parameters of your documents, we build the platform with your specific search criteria, we insert your logo and once your documents are processed by us, they are automatically ingested into this platform. Viewing and accessibility is immediate by your authorized personnel, as simple as that!

In today’s world, technological platforms and their contents replace traditional labour as the source of value creation. 

A temporary platform, working in parallel with yours, requiring no capital investment and that can be implemented rapidly. No more waiting forever after your IT department that is overwhelmed. The day that you decide not to use it, your information is never lost because we transfer it in any desired format so you can transfer all this valuable I formation into your own image hosting system.

A simple approach, rapid, efficient, secure and custom-built based on your specific requirements.